Web Performance workshops

Unique hands on workshops to learn how to measure, mitigate and maintain client side performance for web pages and apps.

Taught by Pavithra Kodmad (PK)

Slow websites stress our users

There's a lot of research out there which talk about how customers percieve speed as they interact with out websites. It has been proven that user satisfaction reduces, rage clicking increases and sales on the page decreases if the site performs poorly

Performance is everyone's job

Good performance culture in front-end teams leads to a great user experience. It's now the responsibility of every developer to know how to identify and fix performance issues in thier code All of us should know the basics of measuring performance, using relevant tools and build hands-on knowledge of how to build fast websites

I want to help you learn this stuff. With the knowledge and experience I've gained over the past few years, I'm building two web performance workshops.

Web performance - Beginners

Pre-requistes : Should know fundamental Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Web performance - Advanced(React)

Coming soon...

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Hi, I'm Pavithra Kodmad. You should call me PK. I'm a web developer with a decade's worth of experience in the industry. I have worked on large scale e-commerce and enterprise systems with a focus on maintaining high performance. In our workshops you can ask me questions on how we worked months on end to improve web performance, my experience with percieved performance and other related work.

Here's some feedback I got from the first iteration of my workshop

@supminn says - This is what happens when you get to have a productive session @neogcamp! Thank you @PKodmad for helping us understanding @____lighthouse.Worked on improving my portfolio site https://twitter.com/sohamsshah_/status/1429010173834665987?s=20 https://twitter.com/gkanishk_/status/1428997730181914633?s=20

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